What's new?

Here we list all possible improvements we introduce in new releases of 8K Video Downloader.

Version: 16.0 - 12/28/2022:

1- Removed Bright Data offer.

2- Improved settings interface.

3- Now you can setup Start Page via settings.

Version: 15.0 - 4/17/2022:

1- Added new setting that is called Commands, which can be used to fix ssl certificate issues as reported by some users.

2- Some bug fixes.

Version: 12.2 - 4/26/2021:

1- Bug fixed and more stable.

Version: 12.1:

1- Bug fixed and improvements.

Version: 12.0:

1- Introducing back Watch and Download feature for YT videos. Learn more about Watch and Download feature.

2- Introducing brand new YT Video Cutter, cut videos in smaller/multiple parts. Learn more about Video Cutter.

3- Improved download algorithm updates.