Download Youtube Videos in MP3

Download and Install Youtube Downloader. Although you can download mp3 in free version, but you can buy pro key and download mp3's in bulk. Like you can download whole playlist in just one click, Isn't it much better than one mp3 at a time?

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Going back to why we are here. So start 8K Video Downloader from the desktop or from start menu.

Copy a youtube video link or playlist link and paste it into url input area, as shown below.

Change the output format to mp3. That we wanted to do, no?

Now we can change the Save to the folder and click Download button to start downloading our youtube video in mp3 audio format. We will wait for the download the finish.

Now, we can just right-click here and play the file or locate it where it's saved on your computer. That's it, we have our mp3 file to play.